While the automotive industry develops methods to help increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, it also aims to improve continuously by improving safety and performance. Huntsman offers innovative solutions in cooperation with automotive companies.


Flex Systems;
Polyurethane foam systems used in the automotive industry are shaped with polyester and aluminum molds with the help of high or low pressure machines. Depending on the place of use, products are available in different densities and compression strengths. Our seat technology, which we have developed to meet the needs of our customers, offers solutions to a wide range of expectations. Our systems, whose technology is presented in a fully formulated form, do not require any changes. Huntsman offers solutions in vehicle headrest requirements for standard and in-situ systems that meet OEM specifications. Systems with a wide range of hardness and densities are available in both conventional cutting-sewing and in-situ technologies. Integral Systems these are high density systems used in automotive, in areas such as armrests and steering wheels. Depending on the polyol and isocyanate properties used, products with different hardnesses and densities can be developed in different colors.

RIM Systems;
PU RIM process provides complete design freedom and color selection with fast demolding times; Huntsman Polyurethanes is a suitable choice for floor mats.

Honeycomb polyurethane technology provides an excellent hardness / weight ratio so that certain hardness levels can be achieved at low weight. Moreover, our Honeycomb polyurethane technology features simple processing, including rapid extrusion and self-releasing properties.

Filter systems are especially used in the automotive industry in the production of air and oil filters. The products can be developed according to the desired hardness and density value according to the desired color.

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