Huntsman is a leading provider of diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI)-based polyurethane solutions for the global adhesives, coatings and elastomers (ACE) market. Backed by an international manufacturing and distribution network, Huntsman is your company of choice for developing tailor-made MDI solutions. We create and deliver a multitude of high performance, pure MDI, modified MDI and polyurethane-based products and systems for use across ACE industries.

From heavy duty coatings for bridges, ships and buildings, to adhesives and sealants for packaging, manufacturing and flooring applications, we can provide adhesive, coating and elastomer formulators with access to an extensive family of off-the-shelf and customizable polyurethane raw materials, components and system solutions.



Around the world, formulators rely on Huntsman’s SUPRASEC® MDI  to enhance the manufacture and performance of adhesives and sealants for an array of end uses, including:

  • Continuous panel lamination
  • Flexible packaging
  • Industrial adhesives
  • Rubber crumb
  • Structural wood adhesives
  • Foam Rebonding
  • Abrasive adhesive systems
    • Vitrox ABR 2400 (low viscosity, soft)
    • Vitrox ABR 3800 (low viscosity, hard)
    • Vitrox ABR 7400 (high viscosity, soft)
    • Vitrox ABR 7600 (high viscosity, hard)