Polyurethanes for Footwear

Polyurethanes have been a popular raw material for footwear applications for many years. This flexible engineering plastic gives footwear companies the freedom to design innovative shoes, boots and sandals in step with current fashion trends, manufacturing techniques and environmental concerns. One of the first companies to introduce polyurethanes for the footwear industry, we provide fully formulated grades and tailor-made systems alongside in-depth industry knowledge and practical know-how.

Our footwear materials also include thermoplastic polyurethane grades and tailor made compounds under the AVALON® brand.

Using our polyurethane-based solutions, footwear manufacturers can satisfy design and production requirements across a range of casual, sport and leisure and professional applications.

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Work & safety

The design and manufacture of safety shoes and boots is subject to rigorous international standards. Unaffected by abrasion, oil and solvents, and providing excellent anti-slip resistance and flexural fatigue, our polyurethanes for the footwear industry meet precise and detailed production and performance criteria -enabling the creation of workplace footwear that complies with the highest safety guidelines.

Wellington Boots

Producers of wellington boots increasingly choose the outstanding performance properties of polyurethanes. Offering abrasion, oil and solvent resistance as well as good insulation in an extremely light-weight package, polyurethanes are becoming a core material for this growing part of the footwear industry.


When style and elegance are the primary goals, our raw materials for the footwear industry can help assure a superb finish.


Our ingredients for the formulation of footwear lend themselves to the creation of trainers and professional sports shoes. Providing dynamic properties such as cushioning, muscle support, spring and energy return, they help maximize the performance of athletes and keep fit enthusiasts alike.

Technical parts

PU systems and TPUs are widely used for many different footwear applications from very low-density insoles to stabilizers and inserts.


Easily colored and providing a range of surface finishes, our polyurethanes for the footwear industry are used to create the soles and straps of sandals and flip-flops that are comfortable, durable and offer good grip.