Our SUPRASEC® MDI products help formulators impart durability, toughness, and aesthetic qualities into diverse elastomer applications.

Through our global network we can also offer advice on typical formulations and suggestions for the selection of isocyanates to achieve desirable mechanical properties and production efficiencies.



Typical markets include:

  • Cold, warm and hot cast elastomers
  • Encapsulants
  • Film and sheets
  • Modelling, tooling and prototyping encapsulants
  • Textiles and artificial leather
  • Noise vibration dampening

Our polyurethane elastomers feature high performance properties and flexible processing possibilities, tailored to meet a wide range of applications, including:

  • Belts – TPU
  • Cable and wire – TPU
  • Electrical / electronics
  • Leisure
  • Mining
  • Profiles
  • Seals
  • Security glazing films – TPU
  • Screens
  • Technical parts
  • Tubes – TPU
  • Wheels and castors

Noise vibration dampening